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Privacy Policy

Sankyo Automation shall protect your personal information, be clear about how we use that information, and make every effort to maintain that information in an accurate state. We will use your personal information for the following purposes. In all cases, we will follow our privacy policy to handle your information with care. Our privacy policy applies only to information we collect on this website. This website has links to external websites. The Company shall not be held responsible for protecting the privacy of personal information, nor for the content on external websites.
How we obtain your personal information
Before we obtain your personal information, we will inform you why and how we intend to use your information, and will only collect information for that purpose. Unless specified otherwise, we will only your personal information to: 
* Confirm your request for and to send product catalogs, CD-ROMs, and other materials 
* Confirm your request to receive our mailing list, and to send you email from that mailing list.
* Confirm your registration to our membership-based website, and to provide you with various related services
* Improve our products, services, and this website in order to gain further customer satisfaction 
* Understand how customers use our website, and improve our services and develop new services

The Company has consigned a third party to analyze access logs to our website. Information such as your IP address is recorded when you access this website and is used primarily for the following purposes. 
* Website management 
* To provide services of interest to our customers 
* To troubleshoot server problems
How we use your personal information
We will not use your information for any purpose other than that stated, unless there is a legal obligation or other justifiable reason to do so. We may, however, collect statistical data that does not identify individual customers, such as the number of visits, types of requests, means used to browse our website, etc.
Provision of personal information to third parties
We will not provide your personal information to a third party without your consent.
How we manage your personal information
We will manage your personal information using appropriate means for each stated purpose. To uphold this commitment, we shall appoint someone to manage the handling of your personal information by taking the necessary security measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, or leakage of your personal information.
Contacting us
Notify us here for any questions regarding this privacy policy.
Last revision date: December 2015




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