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TRF Series
TRF Series
This safety device has only a third of the inertia of our other TorqueLimiters, and comes with a release function, making it suitable for high-speed applications. Ideal for servomotor shafts and other high-speed shafts.
TorqueLimiter Technology



For High-speed Rotation
Low inertia design, suitable for speeds of up to 2,000 rpm
High Accuracy
Achieves a recovery accuracy of within ±60 seconds
Easy to Adjust
Trip torque can be adjusted by simply turning the adjustment nut
No Play
Zero backlash
Complete with Release and Reset Features
Features a release function and an easy to operate recovery
Various Mounting Options

Directly mounts to dials, gears, sprockets, arms, and other output masses

Characteristics Unit 6TRF 7TRF
Trip Torque Adjustment Range N·m 10 to 65 25 to 110
Torque Adjustment Nut Thread Pitch mm 1.5 1.5
Max Allowable Radial Load N 294 412
Max Allowable Thrust Load N 882 1225
Max Allowable Moment N·m 17 32
Max Allowable Rotation Speed rpm 2000 2000
Moment of Inertia kg·m2 6.3×10-4 1.6×10-3
Mass kg 1.0 1.7
Shaft Bore Shape
(Shaft Diameter)
A mm 15 to 25 20 to 35
B mm - -
C mm 16 to 20 20 to 25
D mm - -
E mm - -
F mm - -
* Product specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice. Confirm details when ordering.
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