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Technical Overview of the RollerDrive CNC
The answer for a CNC rotary axis
Pure Motion By Zero-Backlash Technology
The RollerDrive CNC, a circular table, is designed to fulfill the demands of the latest machine tools for increased speed and precision. Inside, the RollerDrive CNC uses a RollerDrive, our zero-backlash reducer which transmits motion without distortions while staying robust against external forces unlike existing gears and torque motors. The high precision and rigidity achieved by the zero-backlash technology gives the RollerDrive CNC a rotational accuracy of less than ±10 arc sec. and repeatability of less than ±4 arc sec., and remains robust while doing heavy cutting work on hard metals.
No Clamp Operation
The RollerDrive CNC does not require a clamp operation due to its mechanically rigid zero-backlash structure. This eliminates clamp and unclamp time and requires no energy like conventional hydraulic/air systems. Combined, the distortion-free performance and no-clamp design delivers ultra fast positioning that leads to higher productivity. For instance, a typical 90-degree rotation and be done within 0.4 seconds.
Perpetual Precision
The unique mechanism of the RollerDrive makes the RollerDrive CNC capable of withstanding years of operation without internal part wear or loss of precision. Regular calibration or readjustment work is unnecessary for the RollerDrive CNC.
Performance By Zero-Backlash Technology
The main part of the RollerDrive mechanism consists of an input shaft and an output turret in which roller followers are embedded. An integral cross-roller bearing supports the output turret with minimal run out.

Preloaded roller followers contact the input rib surfaces with a wedge-shaped cross section, which can be adjusted by moving the input axis, to eliminate backlash completely. No backlash means superior precision and stiffness for both CW and CCW rotation, as shown on the diagram to the right.

Even with preload and zero-backlash, the needle-bearing type roller followers transmit power by rolling rather than sliding making it possible for the RollerDrive to achieve an outstanding efficiency of 90% or more and life-time wear-free durability.

All parts are made from only qualified alloy steels, and machined and ground with our ultra-precision machining system.
Approved Performance
Be Distinctive

RollerDrive product series are widely used in various industries that require the highest in performance levels. Machine tool companies are not an exception and RollerDrive technology is already being applied to the world's leading machine tools.

The "RollerDrive QUALITY" logo encompasses rotary axis speed, precision, and mechanical stiffness - essential performance qualities for standing up to heavy cutting work. This logo is available to RollerDrive users to make their applications distinctive in their market. Contact Sankyo Automation for details on the use of this logo.

Exclusive Zero-Backlash Structure

• No backlash
• Power transferred by rolling contact eliminates wear
• High accuracy and good efficiency
• Preloadable for high rigidity

Low Maintenance and Excellent Price Performance

Model Line Up
[RCC] Durable, multi-feature model (may be used in the upright or horizontal position)
[RS] Compact, high-speed type (exclusively for use in upright position)
[RT] Compact, tilt type
Peripheral Equipment
Tool sharpening
Cutting tool grinding: Higher accuracy by Zero-backlash movement
Automotive parts
Automotive parts: Improving productivity by high rotational speed
Mirror cylinders and molds
Molding parts: High speed & accurate continuous cutting
Turbine blade
Turbine blade: High acceleration processing
Health care materials
Medical parts: Compact 5-axis
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