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Typical Applications
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RM Series
RM Series

The RM Series is zero-backlash positioner with an integrated outer rotor type actuator. It is designed for medium to large FA applications. Specially designed as a positioner for welding robots, the RM Series can accurately and smoothly rotate or oscillate heavy inertia loads.

RollerDrive CNC Technology



Zero Backlash
The RollerDrive uses a unique preload mechanism to completely eliminate backlash and deliver output motions that are faithfully true to input commands. Positioning accuracy is particularly good with direction reversing motions.
Powerful Torque, Drives Heavy Inertia Loads
Unsurpassed positioning performance even with large diameter dials and heavy loads. Maximum output torque: Approx. 2,000 Nm, Allowable carrying inertia: 700 kg·m2
Thin Profile, High Rigidity
The output shaft bearing is a solid-piece cross roller bearing.
Allowable moment load: 2,700 Nm, Surface runout: max. 10 µm, thin profile
Compact & Versatile
The innovative internal mechanism allows for a low-profile housing, while conveniently located access inlets provide flexible wiring routes.
Exclusive Compact Drive Unit
The drive unit has a built-in controller for stand-alone operation without a host controller.
All-in-one, No Drive Unit to Design
All-in-one units with built-in motor come with exclusive drive unit and cable set.
Typical Applications
Model No. Gear Ratio Lubrication Rated Output Torque Max Output Torque Rated Speed Max Speed
N·m N·m rpm rpm
RM125 20 Oil 80.0 500.0 15.0 25.0
RM200 24 Oil 520.0 1960.0 2.5 12.5
  RM125 RM200
Allowable Axial Load N 11,600 32,700
Allowable Radial Load N 10,200 28,900
Allowable Moment Load N·m 820 2,770
Positioning Accuracy Max arcsec 60(40)* 60(40)*
Surface Runout Max µm 10 10
Product Weight kg 100 240
*Note Figures in parenthesis are for the optional high-accuracy package.
Drive Unit Specifications
Input Power Rated Power Capacity 800 [VA] (RM125)/ 600[VA] (RM200)
Max Power Capacity 2,900[VA] (RM125)/ 5,500[VA] (RM200)
Control Power and Mains Power Supply Range 200 to 230 VAC, single phase, ±10% (Mains power supply and control power supply must be input separately.)
Position Encoder Resolution 2,621,440 [counts/rev]
Position Commanding System Internal program execution (max 256 channels, positioning commands,
programmable parameter settings)
Input Signals Control Inputs Photocoupled inputs (+/- common) x 17 inputs, Voltage: 24 [V]
Output Signals Control Outputs Photocoupled outputs (+/- common) x 8 outputs, Max. switching capacity: 24 [VDC]/50 [mA]
Protection Emergency stop, position sensor error, motor disconnection detection, over-speed detection,
position over-deviation error, soft thermal alarm, overheat, main power supply over-voltage
detection, over-current detection, etc.
◆ Monitoring Outputs 2 analog outputs, 1 RS-232C output
Communications RS-232C (asynchronous method: 9,600 [bps])
Other Features Functions can be assigned to the control inputs and outputs, and four cam curves are available
Operating Conditions Ambient/Storage Temperature 0 to 50 [℃] / -20 to 70[℃]
Ambient/Storage Humidity, Vibration-proofing 90% or less (no condensation), 4.9 [m/s2]
Built-in Features Regnerative, Dynamic Brake* An external regenerative resistor can be connected. Power OFF, Servo OFF, and protection.
* The dynamic brake built into the drive unit is not suitable for short-term continuous braking.
Rated Torque Characteristics
RM125 Torque Characteristics
RM200 Torque Characteristics

>> Download the Rated Transfer Torque Capacity Table for rated torque values.
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3D-CAD Data
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